International Real Estate


Key West, USA                                                       Algarve, Portugal


Fort Lauderdale, USA                                  Grand Bend, Canada


Nassau, The Bahamas                                 Montego Bay, Jamaica


Investing in property internationally can be a complex process to go through if you are unfamiliar with the process. Having a local Real Estate agent that you can trust, getting involved in the process, can help overcome a lot of unnecessary stress and save great amount of time.

Clients can sit back and relax while Rick does all the running around. Here are some of International Client Services that are being offer.

  • Researching the properties and the areas that surround them
  • searching for every bit of information to help you make an informed decision
  • Working with fellow Realtors throughout the world to help find the international property that best suits your needs
  • Utilizing the best in technology to provide clients with pictures, videos and virtual reality views of the properties they are interested in.
  • Going through the negotiation process while insuring our clients have a clear understanding of the processes and laws that govern these purchases within the country you have chosen purchase in.
  • Working with all other 3rd parties to ensure this is a smooth and  valuable transaction

Contact Rick to open up the conversation and start your quest to purchasing International Real Estate anywhere in the world.